Altitude Pilates

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 Affordable Package Rates


Altitude Pilates offers a unique and effective fitness training program to all clients by designing a workout combining Circuit Training along with Pilates.   Workouts change with each session allowing for variety and the maximum ability to build strength and endurance in a safe, effective environment. Once we sit down and assess your goals, we can decide a schedule that works best for you.  This could be only weight training or an alternating schedule including Pilates and weights.  Variety is the key to any successful training routine and Altitude Pilates will help you succeed with all the tools you will need to be successful in meeting your fitness goals.

Personal Training Packages

5 Private Training Sessions - $225 per client/per package

10 Private Training Sessions - $400 per client/per package

Group Reformer Packages (maximum of 4 clients per session)

10 Group Training Packages - $189 per client/per package

20 Group Training Package - $320 per client/per package

Group Training Sessions are with 2 -4 clients per session.  Clients are paired up based on schedule availability and determined by Joelle. Class will not be held for one client at the Group Class Rate.